How I found my Omm..

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Natalie has spent the past decade working in the world of education reform in the heart of New York City.  While getting her Masters in Teaching degree from Lehman College (via Teach for America), she taught middle school in the Bronx and Brooklyn respectively where she fell in love with her students and simultaneously developed a deeper inquiry about the unspoken necessity of self-love, community, and understanding that is needed to create a successful classroom. This led her to train, coach, and mentor teachers to first develop a rooted understanding of themselves. Through providing this space of reflection and re-commitment, she was able to support hundreds of teachers in developing a deeper sense of the 'why' in their work and ultimately help them develop culturally competent classrooms. Natalie also spent time working with organizations to analyze their diversity and inclusion practices as well as develop short term and long term action plans to ensure inclusive and equitable practices in complex systems.

Natalie took all this previous knowledge and experience (along with a RYS Yoga Teaching certification) and founded OmmGirls. By embedding daily mindfulness and relaxation/ focusing techniques of yoga into her work,  she creates tailored experiences for clients to experience new way ofliving their purpose.  With intention and belief in self. 

In our Diversity, Inclusion and Equity seminars we support adult educators in deepening their lens of equity and inclusion through self-reflection and mindful action paired with tools to develop a deeper understanding of systematic advantages and oppression in our society.  This experience is intended for teachers to develop a greater understanding of self which ultimately translates to a more culturally competent classroom for their students. 

Through workshop and private classes OmmGirls brings a safe space for women to reconnect and recenter themselves into the wonder women that they are. Our workshops are specifically themed to provide healing opportunities through themes.  Read more about them here.  Our private classes are dedicated to giving you rejuvenation and resources tostrive to living a yogic life daily.