Sacral Chakra: Stepping into our Creativity

If you follow my Focus Friday’s you know that I have started a series dedicated to our chakras. These blog posts are meant to continue to dig into the landscape fo chakras and start to discover how we can better align our bodies, minds and souls to living our purposes our best selves daily. If you’re wondering what a chakra is anyway, take some time to read up on the seven main chakras we will be focusing on here.

Sacral Chakra: Stepping into Our Creativity

In my opinion, the sacral chakra is the chakra that is the center of our unique selves. It is the host of creativity, sensuality, and sexuality, which are some of the foundational pillars that build our uniqueness. Emotion and expression are the rulers of our sacral chakra. When we have a balanced sacral chakra we are able to be in the moment of life unapologetically as ourselves. We thrive in confidence through our creativity and approval of self. The color of this chakra is orange. It lives about three finger’s link down from your belly button. I like to shut my eyes and send breath to this area while imagining the color orange. The element is water, so take plenty of mindful showers, drink as much water as you can and maybe even put on ocean music as you work.

This chakra has always been one to quickly fall out of balance for me. I grew up in a very emotional home, and I myself am very emotional. (Yes, I have learned in my 30+ years that I can be a lot- but they that just is who I am and I love it, in balance that is!) While I had plenty of opportunity for creative outlets when I was a child, I leaned more towards energies of judgement or what other’s thought of me which for me was a deeply emotional thing (self worth tied to belonging, tied to authenticity)! The more I began to learn about chakras and alignment of body and soul the more signals I got that this chakra needed some strong TLC.

Check out what an overactive/ under-active chakra is like:

  • Overactive Charka: You find yourself back in the days of teenage angst. Everything is very dramatic to you and you feel you are living 110% through your emotions, which are fleeting by the way. You find that you’re really clingy to people, thoughts/ opinions, and things. You are being extremely needy.

  • Under-active Charka: You’re living in a self- sabotage world. You are finding yourself constantly pessimistic and you’re scared of letting yourself be happy and being in the moment.

For me, I flow back and forth with these, although I think the majority of the time I would live in an over active sacral chakra world. This make sense to me because a trait I strongly carried growing up was tying my worth in to the perception others had of me. Due to that, every reaction form another person towards me would be absorbed, analyzed, and usually spun into a self- deprecating world. I remember once in my early 20’s one of my roommates sat me down to have a talk. I would freak out if she didn’t return my text within like 10 minutes. Not because I was being possessive but because I was being needy. Her love of calling me in and letting me understand the impact of that “ Natalie, we’re all busy, it doesn’t mean that I’m not caring about you, calm down” . Although it was a bit embarrassing at the time and pushed me out of my comfort zone, our talk helped me understand that I had an area of myself that needed some healing. We often create a world of fantasy and perfection through this chakra. We lean on emotions to create something that the majority of the time is unrealistic. This keeps us in a cycle of emotional scarring and abuse within ourselves. Then we plan our escape into the world of fantasy we created. The healing of this chakra is no joke though, it really does take leaning on emotional intelligence and a vow to be truthful with yourself instead of living in a fantasy world of what you would want things to be.

Healing our Sacral Chakra

Do you feel you have an overactive/ under-active Sacral chakra? Try these suggestions to balance it out!

  • Clearing/ Balancing through Music: Check out Spotify’s Sacral Chakra playlist by Kelly Elizabeth. It has been my jam all this week and really has helped for me to clear/ connect to my security. Also listen to “mood setting” music. (Grown folks, ya’ll know what I mean!) The sacral chakra is heavily connected to our sexuality so when we are able to feel sensual and seductive within ourselves we help to open and restore. Where my Sade albums at!?!

  • Eat Orange, See Orange, Wear Orange: The color of the sacral chakra is orange so embrace it as you are clearing and balancing this part of you. Oranges, melons, sweet fruits are all great ideas. The element of the sacral chakra is also water so drink plenty of it!

  • Reflect/ Journal on your Sacral Chakra: This chakra is tied to our emotions so taking time to journal and really reflect is extremely helpful. Use these following questions to support you:

    • What are your passions and how are you living them out?

    • When do you feel the most creative? Do you give yourself the space to indulge in that?

    • How attractive do you feel? How do you celebrate yourself?

    • Do you allow yourself to feel sexy? If so, is it the right balance? If not, why? What shame do you have connected to this?

  • Meditation/ Words: There is great power in words and frequencies. When focusing on the root chakra the mantra (meditation) sound that is associated with it is VAM. You can use youtube to listen to a recording of VAM or say it yourself.

  • Get to feeling sexy: Find a night to go out on the town and put on your dancing shoes! Taking time to intentionally feel sexy is great for this chakra. But also remember, it doesn’t have to be that grand. I for one love a night out but I also love a nice night laying snuggled in bed and with a toddler finding those night’s out aren’t the same as they used to be. You can also wear sexy undergarments, get some nice sheets, was them in rose or lavender, and create a sensual space for yourself. (Snuggling with a loved one also does wonders!)

My Week of Balance

As you can tell via my Instagram I spent my time this week focusing on my sacral chakra. This is a chakra that I also think has been especially out of whack for me these past few years. Firstly, I am a new-ish Mama, New-ish back into the work force after being off with my child for a year. Both of these things are wrapped in emotion and worth. Next, over the past few years I have experienced some great losses as well as adjustments to what I believed my future would be and who I was. I’ve had many opportunities to grow into confidence and most I have taken but that’s not to say the conquering was easy. This week reminded me so much that the foundation of motivation to move forward is in this charka. Motivation after all is an emotion. I’ve done a lot of reflecting and found myself in a space of feeling more in tune with my happy moments, you know, the pauses when I am just feeling good. I have been more aware of when those moments are (and aren’t) as well as the tie to assurance of self they hold. I realize when I am present and aware I have more confidence and less anxiety.

I also found I’m able to embrace this chakra more when I give myself time. I have taken time in the morning to get ready which in turn helps me to feel I can be present and pick things to wear with intent as opposed to stressed anxiety (AHH, I’m going to miss the train!) Giving myself time has also allowed me to recognize when I feel myself going into an emotional state and choosing if I want to or not. When I found myself getting overwhelmed breathing with my eyes shut and focusing on the color orange about three inches from my belly button really helped.

Even though we are moving on to the third chakra next week I plan to still work on this chakra. I have a trip planned to Miami with hubby in two weeks and I feel a balanced sacral chakra is just what I need to pack on my carry-on!