Root Chakra: Grounding Ourselves

If you follow my Focus Friday’s you know that I have started a series dedicated to our chakras. These blog posts are meant to continue to dig into the landscape fo chakras and start to discover how we can better align our bodies, minds and souls to living our purposes our best selves daily. If you’re wondering what a chakra is anyway, take some time to read up on the seven main chakras we will be focusing on here.

Root Chakra: Grounding Ourselves

The root chakra is also known as the Muladhara (in fancy sanskrit!). It is the first of the 7 chakras as well as the first of the three chakras that connect our bodies to the presence of who we are on in this moment on earth. Psychologically, it connects to our basic needs of survival and our feeling of belonging. This chakra can be likened to the lower levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It’s all about feeling secure and safe. Usually imbalances in this chakra relate to what safety you did (or didn’t) feel when you were in your adolescence. When I was growing up I felt safe and secure in a lot of ways. I had physical safety, food, shelter, and love. I also had many reoccurring instances where I didn’t feel safe or secure. Growing up in a mainly white community and being the only black girl in lots of spaces (plus the tallest, most developed usually) didn’t help this sense of safety. I also grew up in a space where mental illness was a ruler of the home, which often left me standing on shaky ground. The result has been me finding myself routinely needing to check in on my root chakra. When our chakras are out of balance they are usually overactive or under-active. The following are the attributes of both:

  • Overactive Charka: You find yourself quickly feeling anger, annoyance and aggression towards people in your life. You find that you are entering a bossy mode and feel a sense of greed and gluttony.

  • Under-active Chakra: You find yourself feeling disconnected, afraid, and restless in your daily actions with lack of motivation to rise above it. Depression might even be starting to show itself.

As I build my “best Beyonce self” I have realized that I sit with a disconnect in my root chakra regularly. Belonging and stability have traditionally been challenging for me as it is for most of us especially if we grew up in circumstances we couldn’t control. To begin this journey ask yourself where were spaces that you felt very safe and secure when you were younger? (If you didn’t have any, what would be a space? Make it up and literally write it down.) As we work with our root chakra I invite you to reflect back to the people or the space where you find this grounding.

Healing our Root Chakra

Do you feel you have an overactive/ under-active root chakra? Try 2-3 of the following suggestions to balance it out!

  • Clearing/ Balancing through Music: Check out Spotify’s playlist Root Chakra Balance by Tribe Organics. It has been my jam all this week and really has helped for me to clear/ connect to my security

  • Eat Red, See Red, Wear Red: The color of the root chakra is commonly accepted as a rich, vibrantly deep red. This color continues to represent grounded and our connection to the earth. The color of our blood is this deep red, when we are born this is the first color we really come in contact with. By eating red foods from the earth, wearing the color red, and putting it around us we are inviting the expansion of this root chakra into our lives.

  • Reflect/ Journal on your Root: Take time in the morning to really focus on what is rooting you down in life, and what’s getting in the way of this rooting Maybe you take some time to focus on what/ who you had that grounded you in your past but also push yourself to focus on your life currently. What do you currently find your safety and security in? When you can identify what brings your security now lean into those things and seek consistently to engage with them.

  • Meditation/ Words: There is great power in words and frequencies. When focusing on the root chakra the mantra (meditation) sound that is associated with it is LAM. You can use youtube to listen to a recording of LAM or say it yourself. (Try to match it to the key of “doe” Also you can say to yourself “I am safe, I am secure, I have enough”, when you find yourself in spaces where your feeling of security is starting to tumble this will bring you back to the power of your root chakra.

  • Visualization: Sit in a comfortable spot and begin to imagine a red ball at the base of your spin/ groin area. As you inhale see the color red becoming more bold and vibrant. As you exhale see it radiating around the base of your spin/ groin area. Continue to do this for about 5 minutes with deep inhales and exhales. (Listen to the Spotify playlist as you do it!)

    • Bonus visualization: build a safe and secure home for yourself. What does it look like? What is there? What isn’t there? This is especially helpful if you don’t have much safety and security to pull from in your childhood.

  • Ground Your Body: Jump up and down, stomp your feet, stand in some grass barefoot. Focus on connecting your body back to the ground. You can even say LAM aloud or in your head as you do it. Mountain pose and Goddess pose are also awesome to help ground you and allow you to feel your power.

My Week of Balance

As you can tell via my Instagram I spent some time really focusing on my safety, security and feeling of home. This is something that I knew would be especially hard for me. I tend to live in my higher chakras and have historically felt displaced in many ways, physically and emotionally throughout my life. But ya’ll I am here to tell you the power of mindset and discipline. I decided to smudge my space, first with sage (to clear energy), then with Palo Santo Wood, after putting positive affirmations and visualizations about safety and home into the air. I also have had my root chakra music on the repeat. I’m talking about when I woke up I put the music on, when I was getting ready for sleep, and even one night fell to bed with the tunes on. Our subconscious ain’t never lie because from this I already started to feel a shift. I felt more grounded as I walked, more safe and secure in my mind and skin. As I was walking to work, on the trains, etc. I would quietly (or loudly, depending on what street I was on) say LAM over and over while doing the visualization I suggested above.

I am also always one to ask God for clear signs, and he showed out in regards to me strengthening my root chakra. This week I was in my space doing my workout when I all of a sudden found myself in a serious conversation with my Aunt- in law that was directly ted to the root chakra healing work I had been doing. In our conversation she kept reiterating that I was apart of the family, this was my home, and I was safe and secure to be myself. Now this part is important, although the work I was putting into the universe was to balance and strengthen this chakra I also had to receive the healing it was offering me. When our conversation started I quickly realized that I went back to my normal defenses. The blocks I had to put up traditionally when I needed to block my chakra came running back. I was dismissively agreeing and playing down my feelings. Thankfully, I realized this about halfway through the conversation. I realized I was being closed off from the message I was supposed to receive. I had been asking for my root chakra to be healed and here was someone looking me in the face and basically saying “baby, it’s healed.” I thank God I was able to recognize what was happening in the moment and recommit myself to being open.