Natalie’s Noggin

You have now entered the vortex of Natalie’s Noggin. My brain is always spinning (hence yoga!) but when I’m not finding my zen on the mat I am musing my thoughts away on pen and paper. I share with you my food for thought below.


Fighting Autumn Anxiety

Seasonal Anxiety Disorder is real and with the Fall arriving the term “winter is coming” gets REAL for some people, including myself. Check out my tips on how to help alleviate the cold season blues.


Is Self-Care Your New Religion

In our modern world we are beginning to see a distancing from traditional religion and flocking to spirituality and a personalized practice of connection to a higher being. Is this taking over the new idea of “Sunday Church”? I share some thoughts.


When it is OK to be Selfish

Selfish is such a harsh word. A lot of times this word alone deters us from taking important time to ourselves or being overly apologetic for the necessity of self care. Read some quick ways to embrace being selfish, even in our world of countless demands of attention.