Meet the first Girl of Omm

 OmmGirls first began as a project of passion.   At the time I was a career coach who was spending my energy encouraging educators in New York City to be more culturally competent in their classrooms.  While this role served my desire to support others to achieve their full potential it also left me wondering what I could do in my own life to truly live out my truth in a way that brought clarity and light for others to grow into their best selves.

In my experience over the past decade as a coach, director, and teacher I have collaborated with hundreds of educators and multiple organizations to define and grow diversity and inclusion programs.  This has allowed me to become seasoned in helping others be brave enough to believe in themselves and persistent enough to grow into that belief. From these ventures I have learned a few things.  I have supported people from different cultures, ethnicity, socioeconomic backgrounds, ages, and interests. Through this I’ve noticed some commonalities between the  people I have worked with:

  • We all have a deep desire to be our best selves

  • We all want to be understood by others

  • We have a desire to understand others

  • When we live our lives through our truths, we create positive change in our world

Understanding these commonalities is what inspired me to create OmmGirls.

OmmGirls gives an intentional space to pause and become curious about these commonalities within yourself. I strongly believe the more we individually lean into these moments of curiosity and reflection the more we collectively position ourselves to live fuller lives of joy which allows us to be more present and obtain a deeper understanding of self and others.  Leaning into these moments isn’t always easy and at OmmGirls we work to specifically support in these moments of realization and tension.  

From uniquely designed seminars focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion to yoga workshops designed to develop alignment to self we continually strive to create a safe space to bravely grow into a deeper understanding of others in our community, and ourselves.

Right now, there is a need for a deeper understanding of how to be our best selves. In a world that is becoming ever more aware of our vast diversity, we should seek to create a more aware and inclusive society for all.

I invite you to join on community of change.  


Natalie Overton M, Ed . Founder, Owner OmmGirls LLC.

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Natalie Overton OmmGir;s LLC Founder

Natalie Overton OmmGir;s LLC Founder