Bring your Omm

OmmGirls supports educators, leaders, teams, and organizations become more inclusive and mindful in their daily lives.  Our sessions are crafted to address your s team's specific needs for growth and development. Everyone needs a little something different so check out the different services we have to offer below.  

Let's create a more inclusive and productive space together.

Diversity, Inclusion and Leadership

We craft unique  workshops to support your  leaders, teams, and staff to develop a deeper sense of self and broader understanding of others in order to promote inclusion and equity.

Workshops for All

At OmmGirls we know the importance  and necessity of self-care.  We provide various workshops throughout NYC and Long Island  to promote reflection and renewal. Sign up for updates on our new workshop series  coming this Fall! 

 Private Yoga Events 

  OmmGirls provides tailored events for you and and your friends to find your center together.  A great option for bachelorettes, birthdays,  or  just an opportunity to recenter.