The Mindfulness of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

I have always been inquisitive about human interaction and though, both with self and others. Throughout my life experience I have come to realize that we are able to face the world, and all the challenges of that, based off of how we can or can’t relate to it and how we make meaning of that alignment or disconnect.

I’ve lived a deep personal journey to understand what it means to have mindful inclusion.  My childhood and early adulthood was spent in a predominantly white community while dealing with heavy family dynamics such as cultural assimilation and depression.  I grew up with microaggressions and stereotype threats screaming loudly in my ear. Through my experiences in life--first personal and then professional--I have discovered some proven strategies to create true inclusion and space for courage. The first and most foundational is creating space for people to feel brave enough to see the beauty of who they currently are through a lens of progress not perfection.  By adding grace to the dialogue we create space for a more authentic conversation; with ourselves and with others.  It is my firm belief (and is backed by research and countless shared experiences) that when we create a brave space to be present, we invite ourselves to show up and when that happens, the magic comes.  Through mindfulness techniques such as reflection, meditation, and collaborative sharing paired with a culturally responsive lens, our workshops and seminars are tailored to reach communities and individuals where they are and provide tools to help develop a better connection to our unique inner compasses as we navigate the waters towards an equitable and inclusive world.

This is my passion. Creating spaces for us to dare to be brave enough to be ourselves, see other lights, and to connect in order to cultivate a stronger more collective tomorrow.

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