Mindfulness: a state of being conscious and aware…

We live in a time when it is necessary to understand mindfulness. To be aware of our voice and its impact is critical as we step into opportunities of leadership in our world. Our society is filled with obstacles and oppressions that create roadblocks to this awareness.

The results of this is living a life lacking connection; a vital connection to yourself and your community.

OmmGirls provides a brave space to rejuvenate this connection by developing a deeper awareness while learning how to practically leverage your leadership through your authentic self. When pull back the layers of socialization that has been programed into us through our society we are able to show up in more confidently, create more authenticity, and become more open to create community and space for others.

At OmmGirls we carefully craft professional developments through combining diversity, equity, and inclusion knowledge building with principals of mindfulness and self-reflection to create leaders to build authentic communities.

We support educators and individuals through trainings, workshops, individual coaching, and team-building exercises. Check out some of the people we’ve worked with below.